Soft launch: T plus four days #buildingpassions

So, I soft launched my book four days ago.

It first went up for preordering as an e-book on . Unfortunately, I couldn’t see how many preorders were made.

Then on Tuesday morning it was open for direct purchase and I can see all sales now. The numbers are still low but I expect them to pick up in due course.

I’ve tried to do a fair bit of social media marketing for the book during this period, in addition to handing out flyers in Central London last week at places I know will have an interest in the structures/people.

My main social media approach has been through this blog, which gets published on Word Press and distributed to my networks through my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I’ve also texted, Whats App’d and emailed people.

I will get some reviews and other blog posts done by myself or people I know, particularly as I near the hard copy launch on 20 November in London. It would be good to get press/television interest, but I realise there’s a lot of competition out there currently on news

Planning for producing the hard copy continues, including re-indexing the book from scratch using MS Word – the e-book has the advantage of hyperlinks taking the reader straight to relevant sections of the book, as well as connecting people, place, organisations and built structures. Print is more difficult and I just don’t have the time or will power to work it out so neatly!

Author: Nick von Behr

I've been blogging since 2012 under different guises and on a range of topics mainly linked to education, but more recently focusing on the history of civil engineering and architecture as well as writing more generally. I have written a book on the 19th-century Brunel and Barry families of successful architects and civil engineers who built the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Paddington Station and the Royal Opera House in London and the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

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